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Weekend Packing List

BSA Troop 1
Weekend Packing List

This is a general list of requirements and suggestions.

Refer to each event’s Activity Sheet, and the website, for additional trip specific details.


All gear must be packed in a backpack or duffel bag. External items attached to backpacks must be positively secured. All clothes should be “packed” inside your backpack or duffel in plastic bag(s) to keep things dry – packs/duffels are not always as waterproof as we like to believe. A wet scout is an unhappy scout.


Always travel to and from Weekend Activities in Class B! (required)
A scout is prepared! Check the weather before you pack!
All medicines (with Medications Form) must be checked-in with the Adult Tour Leader Please … absolutely no personal electronics (e.g., ipods, cellphones, games, etc.)


□  1 Field Uniform (Class A) (i.e., Scout shirt/pants/belt/socks)
□  1 Pair of hiking boots or appropriate trek footwear (not sneakers)
□  1 Backpack (or duffel bag)
□  1 Sleeping bag; rated for winter / 3-season (20 deg-F or lower)
□  1 Sleeping pad
□  1 Set of rain gear – waterproof top and pants (not just a poncho)
□  1-2 sets of outwear, or Activity uniform (Class B), for Saturday (shirt and pants).
□  1 Long sleeve shirt (for warmth)
□  3 Sets of underwear (daily change for 2 days, plus spare).
□  4 Pairs of socks.
□  1 Pair extra shoes (travel in your hiking/trekking footwear)
□  1 Set of long underwear (for late fall, winter and early spring).
□  1 Pair of long pants (no jeans please, avoid cotton fabrics since they do not dry easily)
□  1 Fleece or Sweatshirt
□  1 Coat (an appropriate weight for the season)
□  1 Pair of gloves.
□  2 Hats (stretch knit winter caps, one for day wear and one for sleeping)
□  Personal mess kit (or plate, bowl and cup)
□  Eating utensils (fork, spoon, knife)
□  2 Water bottles – refillable and durable bottle.
□  Flashlight or headlamp w/ extra batteries
□  Toiletries (e.g., toothbrush/paste, soap, hand-towel)
□  Pocket knife (of approved size and only if you have your Totin’ Chip)
□  Matches (only if you have your Fireman’s Chit)
□  Medicines with Medications Form (see above)
□  Scout Handbook
□  Paper and pencil/pen

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