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What Does Paoli 1 Do for You?  Provides a dynamic outdoor program with a variety of adventures, focusing on leadership, value development and personal growth.

At Paoli Troop One, boys learn through the experiences of camping, hiking, building projects and community service projects.

Children are faced with tough choices everyday. They will make the right ones if they have the right influences. Scouts learn universal values which make them strong adults. No other program for youth and families does this in such a complete way: creating active minds, healthy bodies and reverent spirits. Scouting prepares your children for the future!

On our trips, the boys come closer to the natural world and one another. They explore trails and sharpen skills together. In the outdoors, they share triumphs and troubles, and learn important values as a group; like patience and respect for other points of view and doing their fair share and helping others in need. Life skills are part of the personal growth we want in our children.

Often they are challenged by problems that don’t have simple solutions – real problems like providing food and shelter for their patrols, keeping themselves warm and safe. Through this problem solving they grow, mature and form strong bonds with one another.

Every generation has unique experiences that are shaped by their era. There are usually stark contrasts between the experience of youth and their parents. However, some elements in the lives of boys are timeless. The need for people to feel respected, valued, accepted and connected to those around them are a constant from generation to generation. Parents help meet these needs in youth through leading the way by investing their time when they are young.

Developing strong bonds with your children starts with you sharing your time and experience with them. Paoli Troop One is committed to providing a meaningful experience for your son by placing him in a setting where his peers and mentors are pulling for him.

When boys are encouraged and lauded for their efforts, they gain a sense of value and belonging they carry with them out into the world.

At Paoli Troop One, boys learn through the experiences of camping, hiking, building projects and community service. These experiences allow boys to grow and mature at their own pace.

When you witness these experiences that help start a young boy on his journey to manhood, who can say that you, his guide and mentor, will not be changed in some small way as well? To be a part of that experience is one of the greatest rewards that adults can reap from their leadership roles in Paoli Troop One.

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