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Remote Merit Badge & Rank Process


  1. NOTE: For Rank Advancement, begin with Step 5 to request SM conference.
  2. If you do not have a blue card, send a request to the Scoutmaster email address.  Mr. Curcio may “discuss” with you as normal and will email you a blue card.
  3. If you have a Horseshoe “partial” sign off, please reach out to the Scoutmaster or Mr. Undercofler so that we can assess what is remaining.
  4. Reach out to a MB Counselor and as you normally would to ask for counseling. 
    1. Sessions will be via video conference method agreed by counselor and scout.
    2. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Parents must be within earshot of these calls/conferences.  Two-deep Youth Protection rules remain in effect.  In this case, the Parent is the second adult required.
    3. As with face-to-face sessions, be prepared that more than one review session may be needed with your counselor.
    4. When complete, ask your counselor for an email confirming completion.
  5. Sign up for virtual BOR (or SM Rankconference) by filling in this form(NOTE: Maximum 2 badges per remote BOR.)
  6. For Rank, send an email to the Scoutmaster with clear photos of signed off requirements book.  (skip this step for MBs)
  7. Send an email to Mr Undercofler which includes: (Thursday deadline for BOR on the following weekend.)
    1. MB name / Rank
    2. Copy of blue card
    3. Copy of completed worksheet
    4. Copy of email from counselor
    5. For Rank, copy of signed off pages in your handbook
  8. The BORs will take place on the normal schedule – the Sunday after each troop meeting beginning at 2:00 pm. Mr Undercofler will schedule the virtual BOR and notify you and your parent of video conference details.
    1. NOTE: Second Class and First Class BORs will be in-person ONLY.
  9. Scout is REQUIRED to be in Class B uniform and to follow same introduction protocol.

ATTENTION SCOUTS:  Please cc a parent on all email communication to adults.

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