All, thank you to all who have signed up so far. This is shaping up to be a great trip! The current roster can be found below. A few updates:
Bike and Helmet
The turnpike has been abandoned since 1968, so narrow road tires will not work. Your bike doesn't need a mountain bike suspension or anything crazy but does need wide tires. Also, a reminder that a helmet is required in case anyone is looking to ride a bike for the first time since the 80s.
Please let me know if you have a bike you could loan. David Ermine, our QM, is working to connect scouts in need with loaners. We could use a few more loaners!
I was able to find a local shop that will rent bikes as a backup to¬†borrowing one. Zummo Bike in Berwyn (right next to La Cabra) is able to rent bikes. See for some info on this pretty cool shop. There is a number for the shop on the site, or you can text the owner, Steve, at 610-633-2830. Tell him that you're with “the Boy Scout troop from Wayne”. For those choosing this option, please arrange to pick the bikes up from the shop and transport them to/from the cabin.
Jackson Kime
Jack Akins
Kevin Peng
Micah Chen
Ethan Civillico
Bryce Moyer
Fionn Wilson
Noel Guthier
Linus Haselbarth
Peter Masciantonio
Nicholas Masciantonio
Peter Massaua
Luciano Tropello
Arjun Kulkarni
Weidong Jiang
Liam Akins
James Wei
Mike Akins
John Civillico
Jonathan Moyer
Rory Wilson
Daniel Peng
Daniel Tropello
Tyler Vandermeer
Sign Up!
If you'd like to see you or your scout on the roster above, there is still time! See below for original announcement and form.
2024 Abandoned Turnpike 4/12 to 4/14

The signup for the camping and biking trip to the Abandoned Turnpike the weekend of April 12 to April 14 is now open and can be found below and on

This trip will take us to one of the stranger attractions in Pennsylvania, an old section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that was abandoned when it was easier to route around the area than to widen the existing tunnels. The approximately 10-mile trail includes two tunnels and a general postapocalyptic feel that was captured in the movie The Road.
We'll meet at the cabin at 5:30 on the evening of 4/12 to load bikes and gear and then depart for our campsite at Cowans Gap State Park. We'll get dinner on the road. Expect that we'll return to the cabin on Sunday 4/14 around lunchtime.
For anyone who wants to join us but doesn't have a bike of their own, we're going to see if we can source loaner bikes from within the troop. Indicate below that you'll need a bike as well as your height so we can try to match you to one. There's no guarantee this will work, but we're going to try! I encourage anyone in this situation to also investigate rental options as a backup option.

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